The World Stress Map Based on the Database Release 2008

Click here to get a large pdf-version (3.5 MByte) of the World Stress Map. This pdf-version has layers where you can select and deselect data according to their quality and other features of the map. Please reference the map with:

Heidbach, O., Tingay, M., Barth, A., Reinecker, J., Kurfeß, D., Müller, B., The World Stress Map based on the database release 2008, equatorial scale 1:46,000,000, Commission for the Geological Map of the World, Paris, doi:10.1594/GFZ.WSM.Map2009, 2009.

A printed version of the World Stress Map including a CD-ROM with the WSM database release 2008, software, and detailed explanations of the WSM project can be ordered at the website of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World.