Initiative on Present Day Stress in Sedimentary Basins

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping all users of present day stress data, the WSM project has now commenced a new major initiative to improve its services for the petroleum industry. The key components of this WSM initiative on present day stress in sedimentary basins are:

  • expanding the WSM database in petroleum provinces worldwide,
  • actively promoting the relevance of present day stress for petroleum exploration and development,
  • providing a dedicated point of contact for advice and assistance on petroleum geomechanics issues,
  • offering low-cost interpretation of present day stress orientations from borehole data,
  • undertaking focused research on petroleum geomechanics applications from basin to wellbore scale, and
  • investigating new techniques for stress analysis in the oil-patch.

The ultimate ambition of this initiative is to compile detailed stress maps of all petroleum provinces worldwide, thus creating an invaluable resource for all petroleum scientists and engineers. For more details on the WSM initiative present day stress in sedimentary basins download our one-page proposal.